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GoG - Age of Mythology on Google Play

We'd like to share this month's big news: 'God of Gods - Age of Mythology' is officially available on Google Play. We have commercially launched the game in European territory with 2 new servers while we are working on releasing the IOS version in May.

🔱 God of Gods - Age of Mythology is an online simulation strategy and role-playing game which is connecting the fantasy world with the intense medieval war strategy. You start out as a brave lord use kingdom builder skills to grow your empire. Experience the royal life of the medieval emperor and meet beauties! Establish a dynasty and form a legion of dynasty warriors. Be the emperor - Command your army and win epic battles! You meet mythological Gods and goddesses and can have a feeling of epic stories such as the Iliad and the Odyssey. Romantic courtly romances between emperor and beauties, mysterious stories, devious political strategy to grow an empire, and medieval conquest - Prepare for epic battles! Rule your flourishing kingdom and gradually become the mighty emperor of the medieval age! God of Gods was endowed with the goal of “mythological heroes” from the very beginning. In the R&D phase, GoG underwent a full range of technology upgrade to deliver a picture quality comparable to desktop games. Meanwhile, the new playing mode broke the traditional Simulation RPG limits and created an amazing gaming experience. ⏩Main features of God of Gods: Age of Mythology - Strategy RPG game: ⏪✔️ Kingdom builder: Use your sources at the right timing to strengthen your legion. ✔️ Recruit Heroes: gather legendary heroes on your journey and define the right strategy to increase their level ✔️ Meet Epic Beauties: Date stunning women in the magical ancient city and create your own love story. ✔️ Establish a dynasty: Raise your children, arrange alliances through marriages, and expand your influence. ✔️ Grow Empire: The battle against your opponents along the way and loot their rewards. ✔️ Guild and Multiplayer feature: Assemble alliances with other kingdoms to form an alliance and fight against rivals in epic battles. ✔️ Cross-Server PvP: Take part in PVP tournaments, act strategically and demonstrate your power. Create a perfect strategy to make your legion the strongest possible and show who is the emperor of the medieval age! Experience the life of the medieval emperor in this beautiful role-playing strategy RPG game! Enjoy a fantasy world with the emperor and beauties! ➡️➡️➡️ Download God of Gods: Age of Mythology, the best medieval strategy RPG game, and begin your imperial story! Grow Empire and form legion of dynasty warriors. Command your army of dynasty warriors and win epic battles. Grow your empire using your kingdom builder skills - Be the emperor! --- Facebook: Instagram:

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