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Metahorse Unity

One of the most unique cross platform (mobile & web) play to earn RPG Racing Game with classical RPG mechanics where players compete in both PvE and PvP racing arenas and complete various quests within the various live events at Metahorse Unity environment.

Clash of Gallipoli (Coming Soon)

Are you ready to defend your homeland?


God of Gods : Age of Mythology

God of Gods was endowed with the goal of “mythological heroes” from the very beginning. In the R&D phase, GoG underwent a full range of technology upgrade to deliver a picture quality comparable to desktop games. Meanwhile, the new playing mode broke the traditional Simulation RPG limits and created an amazing gaming experience.


Legend of Khans

Legend of Khans is a Simulation RPG in which you get to experience the life of a nomadic Khan who rules the Empire from Central Asia to East Europe. You take over the role of Emperor from a medieval time span and aim to build the largest empire in the world.



Affairs: Interactive Stories is the NEWEST Story RPG game where you become star in an interactive story! Choose your Affairs game stories in an enjoyable environment where you will be part of delightful stories and make your own choices. 

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